{video} You’ll NEVER Believe What This Corgi is Getting!

Okay, we are ALL about getting pampered… I, myself, happen to LOVE having spa days.



Body wrap?

Sign me up! Tell me what time and I’ll MAKE SURE I’m there. In fact, I even just had a pedicure done today in the sweetest Hello Kitty Pink and Tiffany Blue with added sparkles (aka glitter).

But this video, was just TOO MUCH! This Corgi is LIVING THE LIFE!!! Like totes. Celebrity status kind.

Mmmmhmmm… we kid you not! Take a look!

Raise your paw if you’d like to be in this Corgi’s place instead! ^.~

Is your own cutie pet pampered? How so? Tell us in our comment box below! And if you’d like to witness more pampered cutie pets, please click here! :o)

Author: ilovecutiepets

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