{video} When You’re Touched By Love Instead of Abuse

Break our hearts. Literally.

This cutie pet’s reaction to being touched with a gentle, loving hand instead of a vicious, abusing one had us in tears. Is it possible to feel such an ache that humans (no less) caused this creature to experience life in such a horrible way? That they quiver in terror at the slightest movement? And the only sound they can emit from being shown kindness is crying?

Sigh… the dark side of humanity is always a double-edged sword for us… because on the one hand, it is COMPLETE AWFULNESS. And then on the other, are the beautiful souls of light and love that we marvel at for being so selfless and taking in these mistreated souls to give them new life and fur-ever homes.

Did that tear your heart in two? It did ours. We’re so thankful to know he has been adopted by a wonderful fur-ever family and is now a happy, happy cutie pet. Bless them always.

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Author: ilovecutiepets

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