{video} This Puppy Did What?!

This was just TOO cute!!! Do you remember ever being SO tired that you couldn’t even use the bathroom??? Or perhaps you can recall a time when you woke up from a deep sleep to go potty and ended up drifting back to dreamland STILL ON the toilet???

Well, if you do then you can DEFINITELY relate to this precious 7-week-old Shiba Inu, Keiko!!! Her parents are trying to teach her to use pee pads, but she’s a little jet-lagged from her plane ride the day before and ends up nodding off!!!

Watch the video and be prepared to giggle a little bit! ^.~

Is your cutie pet house broken? How did you teach him/her to use the bathroom outside or on a pad? Share your tips and tricks with us in our comment box below! ^.^

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Author: ilovecutiepets

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  1. I can’t train my two dogs to pee or pooh outside. Puddle pads don’t really work, we must new hardwood floors and they’ve already pee on them! Help what can I do?

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    • Hi there Patty!!!
      Thank you so much for your comment! We’re sorry to hear that you’re having some challenges teaching your two cutie pets to do their business outside. :o/. While we were first adjusting Kainalu to go outside, we took him out FREQUENTLY. Perhaps every half hour/ hour on the hour and then slowly started extending those times. We also rewarded him GREATLY for going outside when he did, always making sure to have treats with us. We’ve also heard that moving their puddle pads closer and closer to the area you’d like them to go is a trick some people utilize. :o). We wish you the best!!!

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