{video} After A Horrific First Two Years Of Life, This Cutie Pet Finally Arrived At Her Fur-ever Home!!!

At no fault of her own, the first two years of this cutie pet’s life were¬†absolutely terrible… probably the roughest she’ll ever experience.

But now, the universe has looked upon her kindly and her life has made a complete turnaround.

Instead of ending up as a meal on some human’s plate, she will now be a member of a loving fur-ever family in gorgeous state of Arizona.

Our hearts are EXTREMELY happy for her and are so grateful to the beautiful souls who saved her.

Have you ever adopted a cutie pet before? Or have your fur babies been bought? Tell us in our comment box below.

Did you miss the beginning of Chichi’s “tail?” You can find it by clicking here.

Author: ilovecutiepets

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