Max Saves the Day!!!

We’ve always known cutie pets are special… and nothing shows that more than their loyalty… ESPECIALLY when they put their own lives first, before their humans.

Many thanks to Powabunga on Reddit for sharing their story on how their cutie pet, Max, kept them from potential harm. :o)

This is NOT a photo of Max. Image is used for artistic embellishment only and sourced from Getty Images.

Max Saves the Day

Retold by I Love Cutie Pets

Arizona is home to rattlesnakes and many other fun desert creatures… it was also home for Max, a Springer Spaniel, and his family.

Max would often accompany his family on their evening walk… having a grand time scouting the road ahead of them… sniffing whatever his curious nose would lead him to… and, of course, marking eeeeverything to let others know that it belonged to him.

It was on such a night, that Max stumbled upon a Sidewinder Rattlesnake in the road. Not nearly as massive in size as Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Sidewinders tend to be overlooked if not seen right away… fortunately, Max saw this one.

Being dusk, Max’s family wasn’t able to see ahead of them as well as he could and had NO clue about the potential danger they were about to walk into…

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