Kainalu Can Be A Clean Freak… And Sometimes He REFUSES To Sit Down Unless He Has This…

Ever since he was a puppy, Kainalu has been SUPER particular about certain things… some of those things being wetness, coldness, and dirtiness.

Not having actually birthed him (so he clearly doesn’t have ANY of my genetics), he certainly didn’t fall too far from his hu-mama’s tree… because I DEFINITELY do not like cold… or dirty… XoD.

Anyways, cement happens to fall into some (if not all) those categories… and the other night we took him with us when we galavanted out for dinner.

The restaurant we were at welcomes pets as long as they stay outside… and unfortunately, outside = cement = cold and dirty.

So yes… you guessed it… Nalu REFUSED to sit down, get comfy, and relax.


In fact, he looked downright miserable and would shoot us “don’t you feel sorry for me” whimpers.

That was until…

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Author: ilovecutiepets

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