It’s Official!!!

IMG_7283So we’ve FINALLY taken the leap and decided to jump on that Instagram bandwagon!

Well… actually… we take that back… two of kainalu’s wolfpack have jumped on that IG rage… Kuro Bandit and Ewok! Except that we decided to use Ewok’s REAL name instead of his alias, which is Matisse… :o).

If you’d like to give them a follow, they can be found at matisseandbandit… we promise, you’ll love all the fun paw-ventures they’re about to debut! ^.~

Does your cutie pet have any social media accounts? If so, share them with us in our comment box below! We’d LOVE to give them a follow! :oD.

And if your cutie pet doesn’t have any accounts, are there any special ones you DO follow in particular?

Author: ilovecutiepets

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