Have You Heard of the Woman Who Rescued the Iron Man Kittens???

I love rescue stories. They’re always so heart warming and feel good. And the things I adore most are that 1) the cutie pets get a better chance at life (which is AMAZING) and 2) it solidifies that the world still contains GOOD people.

Sometimes the junk ones I encounter begin to disillusion me… it often seems like they outnumber the beautiful souls doing “right” in this world… and rescue stories help to shatter that darkness.


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Leyley over at Reddit discovered a new mother and her kittens hiding in the corner of a Walmart Garden Center. They were obviously scared, sitting in a 1/2 inch dirty puddle, very hungry and alone.

Leyley was able to gain their trust by feeding the mama cat, which enabled her to gather the little family together and take them home. Once there, she scrubbed them clean and as they were settling down, decided to give each one a name.

Thus, the Iron Man kittens were born. Mama Cat became Marvel and her offspring: Stark, Rhodey, Jarvis, Pepper, and Happy.

Watch their touching story here.

Wasn’t that such a BEAUTIFUL story?! Gah! Totally filled us up with warm fuzzies!!! ^.^

Do you have a great rescue story that you can share with us? Tell us in our comment box below, we’d LOVE to hear from you!

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